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Distributors for coffee capsules are needed

Cafés Arabo offers its products to distribution companies who wish to incorporate the single dose coffee capsules in their product catalogues, guaranteeing the product and the service needed for this purpose, through a catalogue of complementary articles for the capsules (cups, sugars, stirrers, soluble single dose) or the necessary commercial support, promotional leaflets, catalogues...

Cafés Arabo is aware of the need for marketing support for distributors of its products, for this reason, they permanently offer samples of their products so that each distributor can compare the quality of products firsthand and they in turn can offer them to their customers.

With regards to the promotional image of the coffee capsules and the coffee makers, Cafés Arabo supplies its clients with a series of paper publicity elements such as triptychs and other elements which depending on the moment can be of various styles with the end product being to enhance the image of the café Arabo capsules as quality and healthy products.

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